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EMERITUS - Eco-ManagemEnt for agRI-Tourism in moUntain areaS

Convenzione UNITO/Compagnia di S. Paolo
01/05/2017 - 30/06/2019
Stefano Duglio

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Descrizione del progetto

The project aims at enhancing the connections between agriculture and tourism, the characterizing economic sectors of the marginal mountain areas in Regione Piemonte (North-West of the Italian Alps). In particular, the study area has been identified in the Municipality of Valprato Soana (Soana Valley).
The need of integrating agriculture and tourism under the umbrella of the eco-management at territorial scale is based on the assumption that the economic activities in mountain marginal areas are characterized by fragmentation, small business size and lack of communication among tourism and food chain actors, local administrators and other stakeholders. This situation limits the competiveness of both agricultural and tourism holdings, being the former unable to promote their high-quality products and find an appropriate placement on markets, and being the latter unable to propose an offer tightly tied to territories. Furthermore, these critical aspects may limit the attractiveness of the area itself.
Using a multi actor participatory approach, stakeholders (Municipality and operators) will be actively involved in the project by evaluating their managerial approach and operations, and comparing them with the data gathering campaign related to tourist's expectation and assessment.
The project is carried out by the University of Torino with the economic support of the Compagnia di San Paolo of Torino.

Risultati e pubblicazioni

EMERITUS project publications:


Giovanni Peira, Alessandro Bonadonna, Luigi Bollani, Stefano Duglio, Greta Cena (2020)
Il “Prodotto di montagna” in Piemonte. Torino: Regione Piemonte, pp. 54, ISBN: 9788890980442. Available on:



Stefano Duglio, Marilisa Letey (2019). The role of a national park in classifying mountain tourism destinations: An exploratory study of the Italian Western Alps. Journal of Mountan Science, 16(7), 1675-1690. DOI:

Stefano Duglio, Alessandro Bonadonna, Marilisa Letey, Giovanni Peira, Laura Zavattaro, Giampiero Lombardi (2019). Tourism Development in Inner Mountain Areas—The Local Stakeholders’ Point of View through a Mixed Method Approach. Sustainability, 11, 5997. DOI: 10.3390/su11215997.


Book Chapthers:

Stefano Duglio (2020). Sport facilities, tourism innovation, and territorial development: Provisional results of a new downhill installation in the Italian Alps. In: Exploring Territorial Dynamics and Development, 1st Edition (Eds. Ratten V.; Alvarez-Garcia J.; de la Cruz del Rio-Rama M.), London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis, pp. 8-27, ISBN 9780367263218.





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